Colorado Mountain College

The AAUP is thriving at Colorado Mountain College.

Outreach efforts from members of Colorado Mountain College’s chapter of AAUP has led to a growth in AAUP membership. CMC’s chapter membership has grown to 20 members, including full-time faculty, part-time faculty, librarians (current and retired) and retired faculty. On April 24, 2020, the chapter convened and elected the following members to chapter office: Erin Beaver (President), Dave Ruffley (Vice President), Becky Kramer (Secretary), Susanna Spaulding (Treasurer), Marie Orlin and Christine Whittington (Executive Committee At-Large). The chapter formed ad hoc committees to update chapter by-laws and develop a chapter website. CMC’s AAUP chapter will meet regularly in summer 2020 and collaborate with Faculty Senate leadership to protect and advance the professional status and interests of all faculty.

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