“Academic Freedom in Online Education”

Jonathan Poritz and Jonathan Rees from the CSU-Pueblo chapter have a new article out in the AAUP magazine Academe. It’s called “Academic Freedom in Online Education.” Here’s the first paragraph:

The AAUP has been defending academic freedom for more than a century now, and anyone who has paid close attention to the organization’s history will not be surprised that the AAUP was quick to recognize the principles at stake in the rise of online education. The AAUP issued its Statement on Distance Education (later retitled the Statement on Online and Distance Education) in 1999. It reads, in part, “A faculty member engaged in distance education is entitled to academic freedom as a teacher, researcher, and citizen in full accordance with the provisions of the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure.” As important as that principle remains, more recent changes in online education technology require that it be applied in a variety of new ways.

You can read it all here.

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