Campus Equity Week 2019

National Campus Equity Week falls this year on October 21st-25th. It is an event that only happens every other year. It’s like the Adjunct Olympics. It’s a chance to promote the adjunct labor issue on your campus.

The Colorado AAUP’s Caprice Lawless has created ten posters to help mark this event. They are all available on this web site at the following links:

Poster 1: Brené Brown

Poster 2: Henry Giroux

Poster 3: Timothy Snyder

Poster 4: Gordon Lafer

Poster 5: Trevor Griffey

Poster 6: Steven Biko

Poster 7: Ta-Nehesi Coates

Poster 8: Frederick Douglass

Poster 9: Desiderius Erasmus

Poster 10: Paulo Freire

You can also read the Fall Update from the CCCS AAUP here.

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