GoFundMe for CCCS Adjuncts Extended

DENVER – Faculty activists working in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) are extending the donation deadline for a GoFundMe campaign they started in December 2019 to benefit CCCS adjunct faculty members. The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Colorado Conference launched the campaign to help community college members along the front range who are unpaid between semesters and yet who are nevertheless unable to collect State of Colorado unemployment benefits between semesters per CCCS administration fiat. Accordingly, the so-called “adjunct” faculty (who earn only poverty- level wages teaching the equivalent of full-time course loads or more) have not received a paycheck since early January and won’t see one until mid-February.

Classes for spring semester began Jan. 21, 2020. The adjunct faculty are already on the job. Few people know that 75% of the CCCS faculty are adjunct faculty, even though they teach the lion’s share of the 31,000 courses offered by 13 colleges in the statewide system. They need help with gas and groceries year-round, but even more so until they’ll see the first paycheck of the year. For this reason, the AAUP Colorado Conference is now reaching out to local Chambers of Commerce for donations to the GoFundMe campaign. Local industry partners and community members are natural allies of the community college teachers, since hundreds of business leaders share with 4,665 CCCS adjunct faculty (nearly half the total CCCS workforce) the same goals of delivering workforce-ready education and increasing student success. It’s easy to make a donation by visiting their GoFundMe link at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/winter-break-leaves-comm-college-adjuncts-broke.

The attached 2020 Adjunct Index [AAUP Colo PR FEB 5 2020] provides further background on the CCCS and answers questions donors may have about the need for the GoFundMe campaign. For further information, contact Caprice Lawless at coloradocaprice@gmail.com or Steve Mumme at Stephen.Mumme@colostate.edu.

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